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"Did you know there is a one button solution to syncing audio and video in Premiere Pro?"

Updated: May 7

If you have audio and video that needs to be synced up, use this one trick to get it done fast!

The Set up

Import you footage as you would by dragging and dropping into the bin or use the import function from the drop down menu or Media Tab.

The Tip

Method one:

In Premiere Pro, we have our footage, in this case we will sync two camera angles. Both cameras have video and audio embedded in 4 tracks each as well as jam synced timecode and those are the caveats I was talking about. All footage has been captured using the highest professional systems. What makes this tip unique is that it syncs everything instantly.

  • Drag select the the two camera shots clips,

  • right click on the clips

  • Choose Make Multicam.

  • In the dropdown box choose Timecode.

  • Hit sync.

All of the clips are synced using the timecode on each clip. That’s fast.

Now, to access the synced clips that are now in a multi-cam sequence, you simply hold Command while double clicking the multi-cam clip and it reveals the footage. You can select all by using Command A to select all the clips and then copy and paste everything into your working sequence.

This is a lot faster than using the synchronize option as you have to do one at a time which makes this tip a huge time saver and fast.

Method two:

What if you have two camera angles and both cameras have audio, one can be high quality and the other can be just internal camera mic that sounds big and hollow.

Select all camera angles and right click, choose Sync, then choose audio from the dropdown menu. Click sync.

Method three:

Let’s say you have two cameras and one camera has audio and one camera does not, but you have hand claps or clapboard.

  • double click on each clip of Cam A

  • and add an in point where the hand clap or clapboard claps.

  • Do the same in Cam B.

  • Now right click with both camera angles selected and choose sync.

  • Choose In Point from the drop down menu.

  • Click sync

You’ll have to do this for every clip and is the slowest method.

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