The Chase

When Connor comes home to find his wife has left him, he discovers she also left him clues that set him on an adventure, where he finds himself and his love, again.

In festivals now...
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Best Actor Ben Andrews - Independent Sho
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Best Romantic Short - Independent Shorts

August 8-12, TCL Chinese Theatre - Hollywood California!


Two happy-ass filmmakers right here. Exhausted, but exhilarated. Onward now to develop The Chase Episodes!


Stole this shot while watching OUR FILM ON THE BIG SCREEN!!! No one can prepare you for how incredibly mind-blowing it is to see your hard work blown up 200% and appear before you. I don't think I breathed the entire time. Thank you HollyShorts - our first submission and it was pretty cool.


First filming in 2018!   Thanks to the generosity of Tom Douglas, we were able to film inside his Palace Kitchen. we have a tight-knit crew, so tight - that sometimes we forget to get BTS, but today was a good day. 

Photo: David Holmes, Shelli Gonshorowski, Ryan Horner


The TCL Chinese Theatre - home to HollyShorts for the next 10 days.


Seattle represented.

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