Video is predicted to account for 82% of

global internet traffic by 2022. (Source: Cisco)

We at PegLeg, strive to make every experience unique. We pride ourselves in our out of the box thinking, our ability to work directly with the content creators. We are filmmakers that think like marketers, that work smoothly like an agency, yet agile, like a boutique company who's only goal is to make the client get the best possible outcome.



Script writing

Script development



Music Research





Commercial Photography


Talent coaching


Voice over


Motion Graphics


DaVinci Colorist


Director, Writer, Photographer, Editor, Cinematographer

Ryan Horner

Ryan has been on both sides of the camera. With a production career spanning over 20 years, He is a multi-talented, multi-faceted creative that has worked throughout the US and Internationally, for companies ranging from non-profits to multi-billion dollar enterprises.

As a director, shooter and editor - Ryan has the rare quality to take a story from conception to final delivery, which allows the client to have a one-stop shop for decisions, questions and creative. Drawing from his decade of experience in front of the camera, Ryan is able to take that practice and use it to connect with actors of all abilities.


Shelli Gonshorowski

Producer, Editor, Writer, Voice Artist

Shelli got her beginnings in production and producing for the radio market. Spanning a near 20 year career, she has worked on both coasts and internationally. Building and growing shows from music production to live talk shows.  And since 2012,  Shelli has turned her attention to film and video. She has been working on commercials and campaign sizzles for local and international clients as an editor as well as producer.

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